Couple Rabbits & a Dog

Rabbits are secret beer lovers.

Pup and Luna still are not bonded. I don’t know if it is going to work out because he has chased her around the room twice since I’ve had her. There was growling, fur pulling, and thumping. I hate that one of them has to be in their cage while the other is out but right now that is the only option. I need to find a place that Pup hasn’t been yet so he doesn’t attack Luna for being in his “area.” 

In other news we just adopted a cute dog. She’s 5 months old and is a mix of a few breeds: lab retriever and hound. Her face looks beagle-ish but the shape of her head is grayhound-ish. She has a long black tail and tan fur. So she kind of looks like a fox and deer. Funny enough, she is afraid of Pup, but most people are, haha. I want them to be “friends.” But right now I have to focus on Pup and Luna becoming friends more than anything. 

Her name is Piper. (she's not a showgirl)
Her name is Piper.
(she’s not a showgirl)

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